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The Balena NFS block can be deployed directly to balenaCloud:

Deploy with balena

Default Grafana username and password is admin/admin.

Environment Variables

Environment VariableValueDescription
STORAGE_LABELstorageExternal Storage ID, if not found tmpfs will be used instead.
STORAGE_MOUNT_POINT/mnt/nvmeLocal mount point to mount Storage or tmpfs.
POSTGRES_PASSWORDpostgresPassword for the PostgreSQL database.
PGDATA/mnt/nvme/postgresql/dataPostgreSQL path on the Storage or tmpfs mount point.
NFS_HOSTlocalhostNFS host, should be localhost for the local container.
NFS_HOST_MOUNT/NFS exported mount. Set full path /mnt/nvme for NFS version 3.
NFS_MOUNT_POINT/mnt/nvmeMount point to mount NFS export.
NFS_SYNC_MODEasyncAsync or Sync mode.
NFS_VERSIONnfsSet nfs4 to force use NFS version 4.

NFS version 3

To support NFS version 3 please update Environment Variables:


Balena Application

The Balena Application for Grafana allows to display device information and manage services using Balena Supervisor API.

Working in a productive alliance, Balena, Grafana, and the Balena Application plugin simplify managing a network of non-homogenous IoT devices.

Balena Application