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Mesmerizing Flows


While developing the custom panel for our client, we were tasked to create Vector Field implementation in Grafana, which would not have required GPU and supported many visualizations on the same dashboard simultaneously without noticeable performance degradation.

While troubleshooting the panel plugin, we often played with Vector Field shapes and forms, which led to the Mesmerizing flows NFT collection.


NFT can be built on Etherium, Solana, and other blockchains. We choose to release our NFT collection on Solana because of the technology, ease of use, and fees. According to the recent JPMorgan report, Etherium is losing NFT market share to Solana, confirming our choice.

Mesmerizing Flows NFT #17

Vector fields are mathematically beautiful and visually appealing.

Mesmerizing Flows NFT #6

Read more in the Blog post Mesmerizing Flows NFT collection was created using a custom panel plugin for Grafana.

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