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Dynamic Text

The Dynamic Text visualization panel is a perfect companion to RSS/Atom Data Source.

Dynamic Text Panel

Dynamic Text Panel is a Grafana visualization plugin that you can use to convert plain text and table data into visually appealing, easy-to-read information cards. For that, the offered arsenal includes:

Grafana Events

Dynamic Text Panel supports the event bus starting from version 4.0.0.


Helpers, sometimes called handlebars, are functions that allow you to perform basic text transformations within your template.

JavaScript Code

Dynamic Text Panel supports the integration of JavaScript code snippets that can add Handlebars helpers and event handlers.


This page includes helpful snippets for usage in your templates.


There are two main concepts to comprehend for the successful use of the Dynamic Text plugin.

Status field

Dynamic Text Panel supports the status field starting from version 4.1.0.


The styles editor allows you to define new CSS styles and override the default ones using the dedicated code editor with CSS syntax highlighting.


Dynamic Text Panel provides helpers to support variables. You can also use variables in the JavaScript code and CSS styles.