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Favorites are stored in the Web browser's storage and are unique for each user.

Input Text Box

Variable Panel supports the input text box starting from version 1.6.0. We added a community-requested feature allowing input value for the Text box variables.

Key-values format in Variables

A Grafana variable can be composed of a key and value to make it possible to join data sets by IDs(key) while displaying user-friendly names(value). All display modes support this feature.


The Variable Panel works with your dashboard variables to make them more user-friendly. The Variable Panel displays your dashboard variable directly on your dashboard, you can place it anywhere and even enable the Sticky option to ensure the Variable Panel is always in sight for the user and never gets scrolled over.

Tree View Groups

Levels (fields) from the data frame should have the same name as the variable.

Variable Panel

The Variable panel builds on top of the regular dashboard variables. It allows you to have dashboard filters in a separate panel which you can place anywhere on the dashboard.