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Environment data source

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The Environment data source is a plugin for Grafana that returns environment variables to display on your dashboard or use as Variables to retrieve data.


Grafana 8.0 is required.

Getting Started

Because of the security reasons Environment data source can not be included in the Grafana Marketplace and can be installed manually from our private repository or downloaded directly from the GitHub repository:

grafana-cli --repo plugins install volkovlabs-env-datasource


  • Returns Environment Variables.
  • Allows to filter unnecessary or secured variables using Regex.


Grafana supports managing data sources by adding one or more YAML config files in the provisioning/datasources folder.

Example of provisioning the Environment Data Source with a filter GF_ to return only Grafana related variables.

- name: Environment
type: volkovlabs-env-datasource
access: proxy
isDefault: true
orgId: 1
version: 1
editable: true
filter: GF_