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Custom plugin development for Grafana

Volkov Labs is an agency founded by long-time Grafana contributor Mikhail Volkov.

We find elegant solutions for non-standard tasks.

What we are doing

Build software for your unique needs.

Specialize in developing custom plugins to visualize your data using Grafana as a platform.

Our solutions are cost-effective, creative, and delivered on time.

Big companies offer one-size fit all applications. We have time to understand your existing processes and challenges, which allows us to come up with solutions to not only satisfy your needs but also improve productivity, effectiveness, and performance.

Why work with us

We are proud of how fast we can deliver working solutions. Our meetings are straight to the point. You save time and money while getting what you need.


Daria Volkova

Daria translates ideas to elegant solutions.

Mikhail Volkov

Mikhail loves to work on innovative projects.

"Volkov Labs' custom plugin development service is amazing. It is a rocket ship for transitioning an idea to reality."

Christopher Field, President, Theia Scientific