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We create and maintain open-source plugins for Grafana.

Plugins for Grafana by Volkov Labs.
Plugins for Grafana by Volkov Labs.
Apache ECharts PanelPowerful charting and visualization library Apache ECharts.
Base64 Image/Video/Audio/PDF PanelDisplay Base64 encoded files in PNG, JPG, GIF, MP4, WEBM, MP3, OGG, PDF formats.
Calendar PanelDisplay events and change time range.
Dynamic Text PanelDynamic, data-driven text.
Data Manipulation PanelInsert, update application data, and modify configuration.
Environment Data SourceEnvironment variables on your dashboard.
Grafana HTTP API Data SourceConnect to Local and Remote Grafana instances.
RSS/Atom Data SourceVisualize RSS/Atom feeds using Dynamic Text.
Static Data SourceStore and emulate your data.
Variable PanelUpdate dashboard variables.


We created many Grafana panels, data sources and application plugins to this moment. To make the creation process efficient, starting with a well-constructed template is always easier.

ApplicationDemonstrates how to create an Application plugin.
Data SourceDemonstrates how to create a Data Source plugin.
PanelDemonstrates how to create a Panel plugin.