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What we do

Volkov Labs creates and maintains open-source plugins for Grafana.

  • Community panels and data sources are registered in the Grafana Catalog.
  • Development plugins are available to download from the GitHub repository.
Plugins for Grafana by Volkov Labs.
Plugins for Grafana by Volkov Labs.

Our Platform

Volkov Labs platform where YouTube has its honorable spot.
Volkov Labs platform where YouTube has its honorable spot.

Our platform consists of six resources.

YouTube ChannelAs they say, it is better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times.
DocumentationWe constantly improve documentation by ensuring to include the latest helpful findings and listening to community feedback.
BlogOur blog is another medium to have your questions answered. We share our experience and provide a lot of code snippets and guidance to solve various tasks.
GitHubFeel free to learn by browsing our code and get inspired with ideas and simple elegant solutions.
Live DashboardOriginally we built this project for internal use. However, the project turned out worthy of sharing with the world. We depicted our digital footprint using Grafana dashboards and made all that we do transparent and easy to follow.
Release dashboardIt is the best way to follow the release calendar for our open-source Grafana plugins. When was the last release? How many open issues exist at the time? Those and other questions are taken care of there.

Goals, Achievements and Plans

Goals, achievements and plans. Volkov Labs in Q2 2022.