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Private Repository

We are constantly updating and improving our Grafana plugins. A private repository has become a part of our workflow to verify and test plugins on our demo server and projects.

Read more in the blog Installing Grafana plugins from a Private repository.

List plugins

$ grafana-cli --repo plugins list-remote
id: volkovlabs-env-datasource version: 2.1.0
id: volkovlabs-rss-datasource version: 2.2.0
id: volkovlabs-image-panel version: 3.1.0
id: volkovlabs-form-panel version: 2.3.0
id: volkovlabs-echarts-panel version: 3.3.0
id: volkovlabs-balena-app version: 1.3.0

Install plugin

$ grafana-cli --repo plugins install volkovlabs-env-datasource
✔ Downloaded volkovlabs-env-datasource v2.0.0 zip successfully

Please restart Grafana after installing plugins.
Refer to Grafana documentation for instructions if necessary.

Upgrade plugins

$ grafana-cli --repo plugins upgrade-all
Updating volkovlabs-rss-datasource
Removing plugin: volkovlabs-rss-datasource
installing volkovlabs-rss-datasource @ 2.1.0
into: /var/lib/grafana/plugins

✔ Installed volkovlabs-rss-datasource successfully
Please restart Grafana after installing plugins.