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Business Intelligence

While working closely with the Community and helping to solve production use cases, we have accumulated quite a list of wishes for reimagined alerting functioning.

Most asks were related to simplifying user interaction by possibly having all controls in one UI place. Many users were eager to incorporate forecasting paired with AI for self-hosted Grafana.

This is how the idea of the Business Intelligence for Grafana BI(G) was born. With the general thought of making alerting accessible for business users.

Concept of the Business Intelligence for Grafana.
Concept of the Business Intelligence for Grafana.

Early adopters

Reach out if you are interested in the product roadmap discussion. We are happy to gather a group of early adopters to swiftly push this product forward.

The first official version is planned for February '24, and there is so much more to come afterward. Together we can ensure the product includes the most desired features.