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High Availability

One of the most requested capabilities is the high-availability(HA) setup. We designed the BI App specifically keeping that in mind.

All BI App system components could exist in clusters, where a cluster is a set of mirrored servers. It is done to primarily facilitate uninterrupted service by distributing the load most efficiently.


  • BI Engine Cluster:
    • Requests to Server API are distributed behind the Load Balancer.
    • Schedulers distribute alert rules automatically.
  • Grafana Cluster visualizes data and provides HTTP API for BI Engine to retrieve configuration and data.
  • Prometheus Cluster stores BI Engine performance data.
  • PostgreSQL Cluster stores:
    • BI Engine database.
    • Grafana configuration database.
    • Production data.

Below is the picture to illustrate the current HA setup.

Distributed High Availability Deployment of BI(G).
Distributed High Availability Deployment of BI(G).