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Data Manipulation Panel 2.7.0

· Updated on September 21, 2023
Mikhail Volkov

We are happy to announce the release of the Data Manipulation Panel 2.7.0. This release includes the following updates:

  • Includes community-requested updates for the payload.
  • Updated request parameters.
  • Grafana-style success/error notifications.
  • The code editor for the initial and update requests was improved with suggestions for variables and parameters.

We are impressed by the ever-growing number of use cases from the community and look forward to receiving more feedback and enhancing the plugin.

Data Manipulation Panel allows you to enter and edit all kinds of data.
Data Manipulation Panel allows you to enter and edit all kinds of data.

Getting Started

You can install Data Manipulation Panel from the Grafana Plugins catalog or using the Grafana command line tool.

For the latter, please use the following command:

grafana-cli plugins install volkovlabs-form-panel

YouTube Tutorial

Data Manipulation Panel is a brand-new Grafana plugin. It is the first plugin that allows you to insert and update application data, as well as modify settings, straight from your Grafana dashboard.

Manual data entry and user input into dashboard.

Release Notes

Features / Enhancements

  • Added compatibility with Grafana 9.2.2 (#113).
  • Update CI to upload signed artifacts (#116).
  • Allowed the passing of all or updated only values within the payload (#116).
  • Added the Initial values parameter into the Update Request parameters (#117).
  • Added the output of status notifications after the form submittal (#98).
  • Added suggestions in Monaco Code Editor for available parameters (#88).


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