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Data Manipulation Panel 2.8.0

Mikhail Volkov

We released a new version of the Data Manipulation Panel 2.8.0. This feature release

  • Added String, Number Type selection for Select and Radio options.
  • Added Lookup options for Disabled elements.
  • Added support for DELETE requests.
  • Added "Buttons only" Layout to do GET/POST/DELETE requests.
  • Added panel padding configuration to allow using of panel's space corner to corner.
  • Refactored documentation and API Servers examples for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Deno.
  • Updated to the latest Grafana 9.4.3 toolkit and workflows.
Grafana Catalog

The plugin was submitted to the Grafana team for review.

We are overwhelmed with the community feedback and continue improving the panel to support more use cases.

Data Manipulation panel allows to input and edit all kinds of data.
Data Manipulation panel allows to input and edit all kinds of data.

Magic (JavaScript) Trio

Data Manipulation is one of the three plugins that make Grafana complete. Dynamic Text, Data Manipulation and Apache ECharts are all you need to create functional real-world web applications.

Dynamic Text, Data Manipulation and Apache ECharts plugins.

Getting Started

The Data Manipulation panel can be installed from the Grafana Catalog or utilizing the Grafana command line tool.

For the latter, use the following command.

grafana-cli plugins install volkovlabs-form-panel

YouTube Tutorial

The Data Manipulation Panel is a conceptually new plugin for Grafana. It is the first plugin that allows inserting and updating application data, as well as modifying configuration directly from your Grafana dashboard.

Manual data entering and User input into Dashboard.

Release Notes

Features / Enhancements

  • Add String, Number Type for Select and Radio options (#120)
  • Add Lookup options for Disabled element (#121)
  • Add Server API with MYSQL for Feedback Dashboard (#125)
  • Update to Grafana 9.3.1 (#129)
  • Add Option for DELETE request (#130)
  • Add "Buttons only" Layout to do GET/POST/DELETE requests (#131)
  • Update README and move Documentation to (#132)
  • Update README and Documentation (#134)
  • Refactor API Servers (#128)
  • Update CI and Release workflows (#145)
  • Update to Grafana 9.4.3 (#146)
  • Add NoPadding to remove extra padding around and make it configurable (#146)
  • Update README and Documentation (#147)

Bug fixes

  • Fix Password and Boolean elements confirmation (#120)


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