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Business Text

The Dynamic Text panel joins the Business Suite for Grafana and with that gets an elevated name. Now, the same amazing open source plugin is called the Business Text panel.

Business Text

The Business Text visualization panel is a perfect companion to Business News Data Source.

Grafana Events

The Business Text Panel supports the event bus starting from version 4.0.0.


Helpers, sometimes called handlebars, are functions that allow you to perform basic text transformations within your template.

Import JavaScript

Since in Grafana 11, the functionality of external JavaScript resources is deprecated, we removed the External Resource->Scripts parameter. You can import the JavaScript library directly in the code.

JavaScript Code

The Business Text Panel supports the integration of JavaScript code snippets that can add Handlebars helpers and event handlers.


This page includes helpful snippets for usage in your templates.


There are two main concepts to comprehend for the successful use of the Business Text plugin.

Standard Options

The Business Text Panel supports the Standard options and Overrides starting from version 5.0.0.

Status field

The Business Text Panel supports the status field starting from version 4.1.0.


The Business Text Panel provides helpers to support variables. You can use variables in the JavaScript code and CSS styles.