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Calendar Panel

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The Calendar panel plugin for Grafana to display calendar events from data sources.


  • Grafana 8.5+, Grafana 9.0+ is required.

Getting Started

Calendar panel can be installed from the Grafana Catalog or use the grafana-cli tool to install from the command line:

grafana-cli plugins install marcusolsson-calendar-panel


  • Allows to change time range by selecting the days in the calendar.
  • Query calendar events from any data source.


Panel options

Scroll to bottomAutomatically scroll to the end of the time range.
Quick linksOpen data link instead of sidebar when clicking an event.


TextField to use as event text. Defaults to the first text field.
DescriptionField to use as event description.
Start timeField to use as event start time. Defaults to the first time field.
End timeField to use as event end time.
LabelsFields to use as event labels.

If only Start is configured, events are considered instantaneous.

If End are configured, events are considered to have a duration. Any events that are missing an end time are considered ongoing.


We love to hear from users, developers, and the whole community interested in this plugin. These are various ways to get in touch with us:

  • Ask a question, request a new feature, and file a bug with GitHub issues.
  • Sponsor our open-source plugins for Grafana with GitHub Sponsor.
  • Star the repository to show your support.


  • Apache License Version 2.0, see LICENSE.