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This page includes helpful snippets for usage in your templates.

Initial context

Displays the initial context within which the template is executed.

{{{json @root}}}

Please take a look at the documentation for Handlebars variables.

Iterate through all fields in each record

The Render template toggle should be set as All rows in the plugin options.

{{#each data}}
{{#each this}} {{@key}}: {{this}} {{/each}}

Conditional content

This snippet shows how to display different content based on specific conditions.

{{#if (eq app "auth")}}
This is the auth app.
This is not an auth app.

Specific row in the data

To reference a specific row in the returned dataset, set the Render template toggle as All rows.


Handlebars variables

This snippet shows how to iterate through an array of data and display the title of the third item of the array with the @index variable.

{{#each data}}
{{#if (eq @index 3)}}