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The Dynamic Text panel provides helpers to support variables.

To learn about three types of variables take a look at Variables.

Helper {{variable}}

Returns a string array of the currently selected values for a certain variable.

{{variable "hostname"}}

<!-- result: ['server1', 'server2', 'server3'] -->

Check if a user is an admin

To access nested variables, use curly brackets.

{{#if (contains (variable "{__user.login}") "admin")}}
User is an admin
User is not an admin

Markdown list from variable

Create a list from the multi select variable.

{{#each (variable "hostname")}}
- {{this}}

Dynamic templates using dashboard variables

Use the lookup helper function to create dynamic templates based on dashboard variables.

The following template creates a key-value pair from every selected value in the props dashboard variable.

{{#each (variable "props")}}
{{this}}: {{lookup @root this}}