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The Grafana HTTP API Data source requires Grafana URL and a Token or API key to establish the connection to the organization and get relevant data.


Viewer permissions may not be enough to retrieve all annotations and various data. In this case, use Editor or Administrator permissions.

Grafana URL

Grafana URL can be local or remote Grafana instance.

For the local Grafana instance running on default port 3000, the URL will look like this.


FQDN should be provided for the remote Grafana instance. Correctly installed certificates are required to establish a secured connection using HTTPS protocol.


The Data Source uses the internal backend proxy to avoid CORS restrictions and keep your credentials secured.


The token can be generated from the Administration -> Service Accounts.

Add Service Token with Viewer permissions for the Data Source.
Add Service Token with Viewer permissions for the Data Source.


API Key can be generated from the Configuration -> API Keys.

Bad Gateway

The Bad gateway error means that Data sources are not able to reach the Grafana Server. It can be routing or misconfiguration issues.

Unknown Authority

If Grafana runs with an HTTPS port and the certificate is invalid or missing an intermediate certificate you will see the Bad Gateway error on front end.

In the Grafana logs, you will see.

level=error msg="Proxy request failed" err="x509: certificate signed by unknown authority"