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RSS/Atom Data Source

The RSS/Atom data source is a plugin for Grafana that retrieves RSS/Atom feeds and allows to visualize them using Dynamic Text and other panels.

News feed tutorial for Grafana Dashboard.


  • Grafana 8.5+, Grafana 9.0+ is required for version 2.X.
  • Grafana 8.0+ is required for version 1.X.

Getting Started

RSS/Atom data source can be installed from the Grafana Catalog or use the grafana-cli tool to install from the command line:

grafana-cli plugins install volkovlabs-rss-datasource


  • Supports RSS 2.0, RSS 1.0 and Atom.
  • Works great with Dynamic Text visualization panel.
  • Returns Channel (Feed) data, Items (Entries) or both as separate data frames.
  • Extract and parse as additional fields:
    • Image from Meta.
    • H4 and Image from the Encoded content.
    • Media:Group for YouTube.
  • Filter items/entries based on the selected Time Range.
RSS Data source allows to visualize RSS/Atom feeds on Grafana dashboard.
RSS Data source allows to visualize RSS/Atom feeds on Grafana dashboard.

Disable Sanitize HTML

To display HTML returned from feeds, please disable the Sanitize HTML parameter. For Docker:



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Apache License Version 2.0, see LICENSE.