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Calendar Panel 2.3.1

Daria Volkova

We are happy to announce the release of the Calendar Panel 2.3.1. This release includes the following updates.

  • Added Internationalization(i18n), supported languages include English, Spanish, French, German, and Chinese.

For the Big Calendar type:

  • Added the Year view.
  • Added Default View option.
  • Added Scroll To Time option.
Grafana Plugins catalog

The plugin was updated in Grafana Catalog on November 7, 2023.


The language you specify in the user profile menu will be used throughout the Calendar panel on the dashboard as well as in the edit mode for panel options.

UI Internationalization on the Calendar panel.
UI Internationalization on the Calendar panel.

Year for Big Calendar

For the Big Calendar type, we added one more View option Year. It displays 12 months at the same time. The purpose of this view is to help navigate throughout the calendar since it makes it easier to jump into any day and month of the year.

If you need any particular information to be displayed in the Year view, please, let us know.

The Year view of the Calendar panel.
The Year view of the Calendar panel.

Default view for Big Calendar

With this setting, you can control what your calendar will look like after a page refresh. Any of the calendar views can be selected as a default view.

The default view of the Calendar panel is a new option.
The default view of the Calendar panel is a new option.

Scroll to Time option for Big Calendar

This setting applies to the Day and Week views. The Calendar panel ensures that the specified in this option time is always visible.

Please, note, that there could be two visibility scenarios.

One is when the Calendar panel itself is stretched out to a bigger size than your browser window. In that case, the panel might consider the specified time visible when it is not visible to you. The scrolling in that scenario scrolls a browser window. Scenario 1 is in the picture below.

Another scenario is when the Calendar panel itself is fully visible in your browser window, but the calendar has to be scrolled within the panel. In that event, the Scroll to Time option takes effect. Scenario 2 is in the picture below.

The new Scroll to Time option explained.
The new Scroll to Time option explained.

Getting Started

You can install Calendar Panel from the Grafana Plugins catalog or using the Grafana command line tool.

For the latter, please use the following command:

grafana-cli plugins install marcusolsson-calendar-panel

YouTube Tutorial

Calendar Panel is a Grafana plugin that displays events from various data sources.

Display events from the JSON API data source.

Release Notes

Bugfixes in 2.3.1

  • Fix import order for default big-calendar styles and their overrides (#143)

Features / Enhancements in 2.3.0

  • Added yearly view (#134)
  • Added internationalization(Spanish, French, German, and Chinese) i18n (#135, #138)
  • Added default view option (#137)
  • Added scroll to Time option for BigCalendar (#140, #141)


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