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API Server for MySQL

API Server on Node.js enables retrieving and updating values in the MySQL database with Data Manipulation Panel.

API Server for PostgreSQL

API Server on Node.js enables retrieving and updating values in the PostgreSQL database with Data Manipulation Panel.

Business Forms

The Data Manipulation panel joins the Business Suite for Grafana and with that gets an elevated name. Now, the same amazing open source plugin is called the Business Forms panel.

Business Forms Panel and API Servers

Business Forms Panel allows you to communicate data with the API servers. The following table lists the supported API servers and provides links to instructions on how to properly set up them.

Confirmation Window

The Confirmation window, if enabled, is shown after a user clicks the submit button to highlight changes made in the Business Form.

Control Panel

The Data Manipulation Panel plugin enables the creation of control panels with multiple sections and the same identifier.

Custom Code

Custom code allows you to access the panel's options, REST API responses, form elements, and various Grafana services.

Custom Requests

Data Manipulation Panel allows you to create your own initial and update requests with custom code.

Dynamic forms

With custom code, you can update form elements or their values and options from any data source.

Form Elements

The Data Manipulation plugin is equipped with a rich variety of element types to cover almost any imaginable requirements of a web application.

InfluxDB API

Check the InfluxDB v2 API reference for details about API endpoints.


JSON API Server on Node.js enables retrieving and updating JSON objects to test Data Manipulation Panel.

Load Indication

If the data loading takes time, the Data Manipulation form will indicate that as follows.


Node-RED is a good companion for Data Manipulation Panel because it is simple, provides a visual interface, and does not require any developer experience.


Data Manipulation Panel can request data (GET request) and update data (DELETE, PATCH, POST, or PUT request) or configuration through REST API.


Dashboard and global variables are replaced automatically in the following elements: