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Business Variable

The Variable panel joins the Business Suite for Grafana and with that gets an elevated name. Now, the same amazing open source plugin is called the Business Variable panel.


In the Button display mode, you get horizontally positioned variable values looking like buttons. Optionally, you can set up color-coding rules in the Thresholds section on the right.

Data Flow

To get a glimpse under the hood, please review the following comparison.

Display mode

The Business Variable Panel enhances dashboard variables by making them more user-friendly and allowing to place the panel anywhere on the dashboard.

Input Text Box

The input text box is supported in the Table and Minimize display modes.

Key-values format in Variables

A Grafana variable can be composed of a key and value to make it possible to join data sets by IDs(key) while displaying user-friendly names(value). The Business Variable panel supports this feature in all modes.


Select Minimize if you plan to have the native select look and need to place it anywhere on your dashboard.


The Business Variable Panel supports the Slider display mode starting from version 3.0.0.

Sort by Status

You can allow users to sort the Business Variable panel values based on the data retrieved from the data source.


The Table mode provides many variations, from the simplest basic single variable view to the most loaded TreeView.