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Extended Result


Apache ECharts Panel supports the extended result object starting from version 5.0.0.

The extended result object allows you to return a configuration, options, and unsubscribe functions.

return {
version: 2,
config: { notMerge: true },
option: {
tooltip: {
formatter: '{a} <br/>{b} : {c}%'
series: [
name: 'Pressure',
type: 'gauge',
detail: {
formatter: '{value}'
data: [
value: 50,
name: 'SCORE'
unsubscribe: () => {


The version is reserved for future improvements. The only supported version is 2.


notMergeSpecifies whether it's required to merge the current option with a previous one.true
lazyUpdateSpecifies whether it's required to update the modified chart instantly or not.false
silentSpecifies whether it's required to prevent triggering events when calling setOption.false
Additional resources

To find more details on configuration options, please see ECharts documentation.


The option is the chart configuration in the JSON format described in ECharts Functions.


The unsubscribe section allows the adding of JavaScript code which is executed before the object is destroyed.

One of the use cases relates to unsubscription from Grafana events using an event bus.