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Apache ECharts Panel Features

Apache ECharts Panel provides an extensive set of features that you can use to build myriads of charts and graphs in Grafana.

AnnotationsExplains how to use annotations.
Data SourcesExplains how to retrieve data from data sources.
Event HandlingExplains how to handle triggered events.
ECharts InstanceExplains how to interact with the ECharts container.
Extended ResultExplains how to return the extended result object.
Grafana EventsExplains how to handle Grafana events.
StreamingExplains how to configure Apache ECharts for real-time data updates using streaming data sources and Grafana Live.
Theme EditorExplains how to use the theme editor.
TransformationsExplains how to work with transformations.
VariablesExplains how to replace the dashboard and global variables.