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Business Charts Panel 5.1.0

· Updated on September 6, 2023
Mikhail Volkov
Founder at Volkov Labs, Grafana Champion

We are happy to announce the release of the Business Charts Panel 5.1.0. This release includes the following updates:

  • Added Result v2 with the unsubscribe function.
  • Added Wordcloud Extension to create a tag cloud presentation.
  • Updated the streaming functionality to redraw charts.
  • Fixed memory leaks when resubscribing to the restore event.
  • Updated the Apache ECharts library to version 5.4.3
  • Requires Grafana 9 or Grafana 10.
  • Added support for Grafana 10.0.3 and deprecated support for Grafana 8.5.
Grafana Plugins catalog

The plugin was updated in the Grafana Plugins catalog on August 11, 2023.

Business Charts Panel 5.1.0 for Grafana.

Result v2 with unsubscribe function

The extended result object allows you to return the configuration, options, and unsubscribe functions to prevent memory leaks. You can use it to subscribe and publish events to the EventBus.

return {
version: 2,
config: { notMerge: true },
option: {
tooltip: {
formatter: '{a} <br/>{b} : {c}%'
series: [
name: 'Pressure',
type: 'gauge',
detail: {
formatter: '{value}'
data: [
value: 50,
name: 'SCORE'
unsubscribe: () => {

Please explore details about the extended result in the plugin's documentation.

Wordcloud Extension

The Wordcloud extension renders a tag cloud presentation on a two-dimensional canvas.

A tag cloud presentation on 2D canvas with Business Charts Panel.
A tag cloud presentation on 2D canvas with Business Charts Panel.

Please check out the extension documentation for details on the Wordcloud extension.


Streaming enables the real-time data update with streaming data sources and Grafana Live. Business Charts Panel supports the streaming since version 4.1.0.

Apache ECharts version 5.0.0 addressed the rendering issue for live data.

Display a gauge with the live data in real-time.
Display a gauge with the live data in real-time.

Please check our documentation with Streaming use cases.

Memory Leak

We've fixed the memory leaks on resubscribing to the restore event handler. We want to thank you our community member sergiomonteroselma for reporting this issue and helping us with its troubleshooting.

We recommend that you update Business Charts Panel to the latest version 5.1.0 to avoid Out Of Memory errors after continuous refresh of the dashboard for a long period of time.

Apache ECharts 5.4.3

We continue updating the plugin with the latest version of the Apache ECharts library and recently updated it to version 5.4.3:

  • [Feature] [axisPointer] Add triggerEmphasis option to disable emphasis. #18524 (juliepagano)
  • [Feature] [sankey] Support trajectory for emphasis state. #17451 (ElayGelbart)
  • [Fix] [sankey] Fix sankey line color 'target'/'source'/'gradient' doesn't work in non-normal state. #18834 (linghaoSu)
  • [Fix] [sankey] Fix value is undefined in label/edgeLabel formatter. #18733 (plainheart)
  • [Fix] [sunburst] Fix sunburst label may rotate when labelLayout.hideOverlap is enabled. #18808 (linghaoSu)
  • [Fix] [graph] Fix graph chart can't be hidden by legend due to edgeLabel NPE. #18624 (plainheart)
  • [Fix] [state] Fix focus self doesn't work when item emphasis by other component. #18511 (linghaoSu)
  • [Fix] [axis] Fix last tick doesn't show for single data. #18469 (Ovilia)
  • [Fix] [pie] Fix incorrect response area of pie piece when selectedOffset is enabled and animation is disabled. #1011 (plainheart)
  • [Fix] [custom] Fix user-defined info property was not available in the event handler. #18400 (sobolewsk)
  • [Fix] [legend] Inherit legend rich text color from legend's options. #18260 (ChepteaCatalin)
  • [Fix] [label] Fix ellipsis was not working. #18525 (Ovilia)
  • [Fix] [label] Fix endLabel fails with null data. #18841 (Ovilia)
  • [Fix] [util] Fix pattern has no zero padding in time format util. #18535 (linghaoSu)
  • [Fix] [api] Only deprecate disConnect but not disconnect. #18758 (Justineo)
  • [Fix] [i18n] Fix the abbr of "March" for the DE language ("Mar" -> "Mrz"). #18387 (Stebeber)
  • [Fix] [type] Fix wrong type for data item value of the parallel series. #18425 (ManishDait)
  • [Fix] [type] Allow passing null to the parameters of init function. #18575 (zhuscat)

Wind Speed

A graph example showing both wind speed & direction prepared by our community member tkurki:

Showing both wind speed & direction on the same chart using Apache ECharts.
Showing both wind speed & direction on the same chart using Apache ECharts.
const ecData = [];

if (data.series.length === 0) {
return {};

const time = data.series[0].fields[0].values;
const direction = data.series[0].fields[1].values;
const speed = data.series[1].fields[1].values;

for (let i = 0; i < data.series[0].length; i++) {
value: [time.get(i), Number(speed.get(i)).toFixed(2)],
symbolRotate: (direction.get(i) / Math.PI) * 180 - 90,

const series = {
name: data.series[0].refId,
type: "line",
showSymbol: true,
"path://m13.022 14.999v3.251c0 .412.335.75.752.75.188 0 .375-.071.518-.206 1.775-1.685 4.945-4.692 6.396-6.069.2-.189.312-.452.312-.725 0-.274-.112-.536-.312-.725-1.451-1.377-4.621-4.385-6.396-6.068-.143-.136-.33-.207-.518-.207-.417 0-.752.337-.752.75v3.251h-9.02c-.531 0-1.002.47-1.002 1v3.998c0 .53.471 1 1.002 1z",
symbolSize: 15,
areaStyle: {
opacity: 0.1,
lineStyle: {
width: 1,
data: ecData,

* Enable Data Zoom by default
() =>
type: "takeGlobalCursor",
key: "dataZoomSelect",
dataZoomSelectActive: true,

* Update Time Range on Zoom
echartsInstance.on("datazoom", function (params) {
const startValue = params.batch[0]?.startValue;
const endValue = params.batch[0]?.endValue;
locationService.partial({ from: startValue, to: endValue });

return {
backgroundColor: "transparent",
tooltip: {
trigger: "axis",
legend: {
left: "0",
bottom: "0",
data: ["Wind Speed & Angle"],
textStyle: {
color: "rgba(128, 128, 128, .9)",
toolbox: {
feature: {
dataZoom: {
yAxisIndex: "none",
icon: {
zoom: "path://",
back: "path://",
saveAsImage: {},
xAxis: {
type: "time",
yAxis: {
type: "value",
min: "dataMin",
grid: {
left: "2%",
right: "2%",
top: "2%",
bottom: 24,
containLabel: true,

Getting Started

You can install Business Charts Panel from the Grafana Plugins catalog or using the Grafana command line tool.

For the latter, please use the following command.

grafana-cli plugins install volkovlabs-echarts-panel

YouTube Tutorial

The Business Charts Panel plugin is a data visualization extension for Grafana that allows you to integrate charts and graphs from the popular Apache ECharts library into your Grafana dashboard.

Explore possibilities of the Apache ECharts.

Release Notes

Features / Enhancements in 5.1.0

  • Added compatibility with Grafana 10.0.3 (#206).

Bugfixes in 5.1.0

  • Fixed memory leaks when resubscribing to the restore event (#208).

Breaking changes in 5.0.0

  • Requires Grafana 9 and Grafana 10

Features / Enhancements in 5.0.0

  • Updated the product documentation with recent updates (#182).
  • Updated examples for Grafana 10 (#190).
  • Added Result v2 with unsubscribe function (#188).
  • Updated the streaming to redraw charts (#188).
  • Added compatibility with Grafana 10.0.0 (#191).
  • Updated the README file and panel options (#192).
  • Deprecated support for Grafana 8.5 (#193).
  • Updated support for Grafana 10.0.2 dependencies (#195).
  • Updated ESLint configuration (#196).
  • Integrated the Wordcloud extension (#198).
  • Updated the Apache ECharts library to version 5.4.3 (#199).


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