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Business Charts Panel 6.0.0

Daria Volkova

We are happy to announce the release of the Business Charts Panel 6.0.0. This release includes the following updates:

  • Plugin rebranding, the new name is the Business Charts Panel.
  • Added Visual Editor. Beta version.
  • Code window auto-sizing.
  • All parameters are combined under the context. Breaking change.
  • Required Grafana 10 and Grafana 11. Breaking change.
Grafana Plugins catalog

The plugin was updated in the Grafana Plugins catalog on April 3, 2024.

Business Charts powered by Apache ECharts for Grafana 6.0.0.

Business Charts Panel

Usually, we quite easily come up with good, memorable names for our plugins. However, with this plugin, we have struggled a bit.

After two years of having our plugin bear a working title, we realized that all that time we worked on the panel that can help visualize any business data, that this plugin is ideal for anyone who creates business dashboards, and that the plugin name should be Business Charts Panel. Simple rebranding means all existing features get carried over.

Please welcome the new name for the same unique and needed functionality!


The Business Charts Panel powered by the Apache ECharts library.

The Business Charts Panel is the new name for the same unique and needed functionality.
The Business Charts Panel is the new name for the same unique and needed functionality.


The Business Charts Panel has been downloaded more than 2 million times! It is an incredible number. We are thrilled to see our plugin in a huge demand around the world.

The Business Charts Panel has been downloaded more than 2.15M times.
The Business Charts Panel has been downloaded more than 2.15M times.

Visual Editor

Beta version

This feature is in the beta version. As of now, it should work for simple charts. If you need anything advanced, please, use the Code mode.

The Visual Editor is a new and exciting feature added to simplify the option settings for the charts.
The Visual Editor is a new and exciting feature added to simplify the option settings for the charts.

This is one of the most exciting features. Instead of using JavaScript code, you can use UI elements to specify many chart parameters.

Visual Editor Examples

To get you started faster, we have prepared many examples of how the Visual Editor can be used. Please, check out our project.

  1. Find the chart that looks the most of what you need to create.
  2. Open it in Edit mode.
  3. Review how the Visual Editor elements are configured.

Auto size editor

This new feature automatically changes the size of the code editor depending on the number of rows in it. It is an intuitive feature that takes usability to the next level. Now users can work with their code with fewer distractions.

The window size changes automatically.
The window size changes automatically.

Context parameters

Breaking changes

All available parameters are now combined under the context parameter

Just type context and all available options will appear. It makes the searches of what you need easier.

However, note, that previously we allowed the direct call, then now it has stopped working. In order to migrate to this release, please, ensure to reference context as a prefix to all options.

Use context to access all available parameters.
Use context to access all available parameters.

Migration Guide

Please refer to the Code parameters migration guide below.

ParameterHow to reference starting from 6.0.0

Grafana 10 and Grafana 11

Breaking changes

Grafana 9 is not supported.

Our plugins always follow the latest Grafana versions and stay compatible with the most recent releases. That means, however, that we have to sunset the support of obsolete releases.

The latest Business Charts Panel 6.0.0 fully supports Grafana 10 and the upcoming 11 releases.

Getting Started

You can install the Business Charts Panel from the Grafana Plugins catalog or using the Grafana command line tool.

For the latter, please use the following command.

grafana-cli plugins install volkovlabs-echarts-panel

YouTube Tutorial

The Business Charts Panel plugin is a data visualization extension for Grafana that allows you to integrate charts and graphs from the popular Apache ECharts library into your Grafana dashboard.

Business Charts panel for Grafana 6.0.0 powered by Apache ECharts library.

Release Notes

Breaking changes

  • Requires Grafana 10 and Grafana 11.
  • Removed non-context code parameters. Please update parameters to use context.

Code parameters migration guide

  • data ->
  • theme -> context.grafana.theme
  • echartsInstance -> context.panel.chart
  • echarts -> context.echarts
  • ecStat -> context.ecStat
  • replaceVariables -> context.grafana.replaceVariables
  • eventBus -> context.grafana.eventBus
  • locationService -> context.grafana.locationService
  • notifySuccess -> context.grafana.notifySuccess
  • notifyError -> context.grafana.notifyError

Features / Enhancements in 6.0.0

  • Updated name to Business Charts Panel (#268)
  • Added Apache Acknowledgment and update description (#268)
  • Updated to Grafana 10.4.1 (#270)
  • Removed ArrayVector deprecated in Grafana 11 (#272)
  • Updated Apache ECharts deprecation warnings (#272)

Features / Enhancements in 5.3.0

  • Updated to Apache ECharts 5.5.0 (#257)
  • Updated code parameters with Code Parameters Builder (#261)
  • Updated auto size code editor (#263)

Features / Enhancements in 5.2.0

  • Updated README and documentation (#214)
  • Added visual editor for working with data sources (#211)
  • Updated ESLint configuration and refactoring (#237)
  • Updated dependencies and Actions (#238)
  • Added context parameter to non-visual mode (#245)
  • Added refresh function using Application Event Bus (#247)
  • Updated to disallow to choose already selected fields (#251)
  • Updated to use visual editor and data sources (#248)
  • Updated draggable handler in Visual editor (#256)


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