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Data Manipulation Form panel

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The Data Manipulation Form Panel is a plugin for Grafana that can be used to insert, update application data, and modify configuration directly from your Grafana dashboard.



Grafana 8.0 is required.

Getting Started

Data Manipulation Form panel is still under development and not included in the Grafana Marketplace yet. It can be installed manually from our private repository or downloaded directly from the GitHub repository:

grafana-cli --repo plugins install volkovlabs-form-panel


  • Provides functionality to create customizable forms with elements:
    • Code Editor
    • Date and Time
    • Read-only (Disabled)
    • Number Input
    • Number Slider
    • Password Input
    • Radio Group with Boolean options
    • Radio Group with Custom options
    • Select with Custom options
    • String Input
    • Text Area
  • Supports the Custom Code for Initial and Update requests.
  • Allows to specify GET request to get initial values and POST, PUT, PATCH request to send values updated in the form.
  • Allows to add Header fields to Initial and Update requests.
  • Allows to customize Submit, Reset buttons and form layout.
  • Allows to split form elements into sections.