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Data Manipulation Panel

Data Manipulation Panel is a plugin for Grafana that allows you to insert and update application data, as well as modify configuration directly from your Grafana dashboard.

Use REST API, Data Source, and Queries to manipulate your data.


  • Data Manipulation Panel 3.X requires Grafana 9 or Grafana 10.
  • Data Manipulation Panel 2.X requires Grafana 9 or Grafana 8.5.
  • Data Manipulation Panel 1.X requires Grafana 8.

Getting Started

You can install Data Manipulation Panel from the Grafana Plugins catalog or using the Grafana command line tool.

For the latter, please use the following command:

grafana-cli plugins install volkovlabs-form-panel


  • Provides functionality to create customizable forms.
  • Supports custom code for initial and update requests.
  • Supports API requests, including the GET request to get initial values and the DELETE, PATCH, POST, and PUT requests to send values updated in the form.
  • Allows adding request headers to initial and update requests.
  • Supports customization of the Submit and Reset buttons as well as the form layout.
  • Allows splitting form elements into sections.
  • Allows requesting the user's confirmation before running an update request.
  • Allows sending all or only updated elements in the request payload.
  • Allows displaying success and error notifications through custom code.
  • Supports suggestions for available parameters when writing program code in the code editor.
Data Manipulation Panel for Grafana.
Data Manipulation Panel for Grafana.


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Custom CodeExplains how to access plugin options, API responses, form elements, and Grafana services.
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Release NotesStay up to date with the latest features and updates.


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Apache License Version 2.0, see LICENSE.