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Annotations is an umbrella term that includes three Grafana artifacts:

Business Dashboard

The video below has been one of the most popular on our YouTube channel. The target audience is mainly data analysts who just installed Grafana and now need to figure out how Grafana dashboards are created.


If you ever wondered how to use your icons and other style elements in the Grafana application, you came to the right corner of the Internet to find answers.


For me, the only confusing part with installation was - finding a resource to download the official package.


Simply put, provisioning is when you push configuration via JSON, YAML, and other files into a Grafana instance.

Time Series

Time Series is one of the first Grafana visualization panels. Some people still argue about what came first: Grafana or Time Series. With that being said, this panel is tightly embedded into the Grafana core and plays a giant role in Grafana's identity.


A data source retrieves data in a specific format. A visualization panel, in its turn, requires a particular format as well. If those two formats do not match, transformations can help to find the common denominator.

Unsigned Plugins

To allow unsigned plugins, enter a comma-separated list of plugin identifiers to load even if they are unsigned.


The topic of variables in Grafana has generated a myriad of questions lately. In short, there are three types of variables.