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A data source retrieves data in a specific format. A visualization panel, in its turn, requires a particular format as well. If those two formats do not match, transformations can help to find the common denominator.

Transformations in a nutshell.
Transformations in a nutshell.

Where to find more information and examples

Our YouTube video and blog post provide everything you need to grasp the Grafana transformations concept.


In the video, you can follow Daria in her step-by-step demonstration.

Transformations in Grafana | Config from the query results | Loki examples.

Blog post

The blog post covers the same ground. In addition, it also illustrates when transformations help to avoid the dead end.

We added them following the question from the community - why transformations are needed at all. So, if you ever wondered that, the answer dwells in the following post.

Blog post about transformations in Grafana
Blog post about transformations in Grafana

All Grafana transformations

We did not describe nor explain every single available Grafana transformation. We thought that giving a conceptual view is enough.

If there is any transformation in particular that gives you a hard time, you can leave a comment under our Transformations in Grafana YouTube video and we will see what we can do.