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If you ever wondered how to use your icons and other style elements in the Grafana application, you came to the right corner of the Internet to find answers.

To make the Grafana dashboard look more like your homegrown application, you can use one or all of the commands from our customization collection.

Over three years, we were able to determine so many ways to customize Grafana that we have to categorize them. Our four categories are outlined in the schema below.

Configuration, cleaning, visual and hands-on categories to Customize Grafana.
Configuration, cleaning, visual and hands-on categories to Customize Grafana.

The next important piece of information is the list of actual commands. Just scroll down a bit to find a Docker file. We keep it up to date with our latest findings.


If the cheat-sheet above and the actual Dockerfile are not enough, you can watch the video below. I go over the topic in greater detail and demonstrate what elements exactly are customizable.

How to customize Grafana 9.4. A cheat-sheet for Docker container and Windows.

Blog posts

Grafana 11

In this post, you will find a vast collection of various commands that intend to help you adjust Grafana as an application according to your style and requirements.

Grafana 10

This article collects various commands to help you play with the Grafana in your style. It was updated multiple times with the latest version of Grafana 10.

In the "Spring cleaning" we go into details of the 'Cleaning' category. The idea that unnecessary parts can be removed from the Grafana installation package seemed worthy of a separate article.

Docker file

Our customization is done in the Docker file and it can be easily replicated for host installation. Tough, as I explain in the video, it will not be as easy as a walk in the park.

If you ever collect commands for the Windows host installation, feel free to share them with us and we add this list to the crash course. You will have full credit for it.

We constantly update our Docker builds based on the latest version of Grafana.