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Business Dashboard

The video below has been one of the most popular on our YouTube channel. The target audience is mainly data analysts who just installed Grafana and now need to figure out how Grafana dashboards are created.

Daria provides step-by-step instructions for many Grafana panels, such as bar chart, bar gauge, single stat, base64, pdf, and Geomap.

The video has been published in May of last year (May of 2022) and uses Grafana 8.

How to create your Business Grafana dashboard.

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For those who prefer reading to watching videos, we prepared the following blog post. It reiterates the same information from a slightly different angle. Although it does not provide the same level of detail and examples.

Replicate and reuse panels

The Library panels feature was introduced in Grafana 8 and updated in Grafana 9. We loved it so much that decided to create a whole video about it.

Replicate and reuse panels in Grafana.