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Alert Management panel

The alert management panel is set to simplify the alert rule creation. We designed it to be intuitive and business-oriented users friendly. You specify all parameters in a one-screen form.

BI Engine

We reimagined the alert manager and came up with the BI Engine:

Getting Started

You can download the Development release from our GitHub repository and follow this hands-on tutorial.

Health Checks

To successfully run the BI(G) app, you need Grafana and BI Engine. In some instances, Grafana might take longer time to launch than the BI Engine. This scenario may lead to the failure of the startup health check. Simply put, if the BI Engine does not find Grafana running, it shuts itself down.

High Availability

One of the most requested capabilities is the high-availability(HA) setup. We designed the BI App specifically keeping that in mind.