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Getting Started

You can download the Development release from our GitHub repository and follow this hands-on tutorial.

Metrics, Logs, CPU Usage with BIG Alerting in Grafana | Unscripted and Hands-On

Docker Compose

The docker-compose.yml file consists of the following containers:

  • Grafana includes the provisioned BI Engine data source, an Alerting panel, and dashboards.
  • Timescale is required to store configuration, events, rules, etc.
  • BI Engine has a service account key to access Grafana HTTP APIs. It evaluates alert rules and calls webhooks when alert statuses change.
  • Prometheus collects and store performance metrics from BI Engine.
  • JSON webhook is a webhook example based on NodeJS, which accepts alert payload and saves it to the files for testing purposes.

Environment file



When you run a docker-compose file, it launches the Grafana, Timescale, BI Engine and Webhook containers:

docker compose pull && docker compose up


Stop and remove all containers:

docker compose down