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Environment Data Source

The Environment Data Source is a plugin for Grafana that returns environment variables to display on your dashboard or use as Variables in your code.

Dashboard, Global and Environment variables.


  • Version 3.X requires Grafana 9 or Grafana 10.
  • Version 2.X requires Grafana 8.5 or Grafana 9.
  • Version 1.X requires Grafana 8.

Getting Started

Environment Data Source is not included in the Grafana Catalog. It can be installed directly from GitHub.

grafana cli --pluginUrl plugins install volkovlabs-env-datasource


  • Returns Environment Variables.
  • Allows filtering unnecessary or secured variables using Regex.
  • Supports Dashboard Variables.
Environment Variables displayed on the Grafana dashboard.
Environment Variables displayed on the Grafana dashboard.


DeploymentExplains deployment options for the data source.
FeaturesDemonstrates data source features.
ProvisioningDemonstrates how to automatically provision the data Source.
Release NotesStay up to date with the latest features and updates.


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Apache License Version 2.0, see LICENSE.